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ALIDE, IDB and ECLAC presented the platform of the LAC Development Banking Community of Practice
December, 2021.-The information platform will allow the exchange of knowledge between development entities and promote good practices for sustainable development in the region. Read More

ALIDE inaugurated the Business Intelligence and Big Data webinar

December, 2021.-The first session was attended by representatives of GINNOVATES, the National Bank and AIS Group. Read More

ALIDE inaugurated congress on digital transformation in banking

December, 2021.- The event will take place over three days and will feature the participation of speakers from Digital Bank and the IDB. Read More

ALIDE developed a seminar to promote inclusive agricultural business models

November, 2021.- The event focused on sharing experiences on financial inclusion and the application of technologies in the agricultural sector. Read More

ALIDE and BICE organized a seminar on finance for sustainable development

November, 2021.- The event was developed in a hybrid format and had representatives from development banks and the Argentine government as speakers.  Read More

ALIDE renews cooperation agreement with AFD of France until 2023

November, 2021.- This agreement will allow to continue promoting initiatives with a focus on environmental sustainability and social inclusion.  Read More

COP26: EIB, ALIDE and BDMG discussed the importance of International Financial Cooperation for Climate Action

November, 2021.- At the end of the event, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission signed a Contribution Agreement for the benefit of COFIDE, the development bank of Peru.  Read More

IDB and ALIDE organized the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Regional Group of Public Banks for the Development of PPPs

November, 2021.- The discussion focused on sharing the experiences of development banks in their work to promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) projects with a sustainable approach.  Read More

BDMG, ECLAC and ALIDE organized a panel on investment mobilization with environmental criteria

November, 2021.- The discussion was held within the framework of COP26 and had the participation of the organizing entities and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Read More

ALIDE co-organizes parallel event of COP26
October, 2021.- The green banking event will be held in a hybrid in-person/virtual side during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). Read More

ALIDE participated in the 2nd Finance in Common Summit
October, 2021.- The summit topics were focused on the contribution of PDBs to the development of agriculture, agribusiness and the global financial architecture for sustainable development. Read More

Members of the D20-LTIC agree to promote the financing of sustainable infrastructures

September, 2021.- During the summit it was highlighted that innovation, development and collaboration are the key to addressing post-pandemic problems. Read More

ECLAC, IDB and ALIDE agree to exchange knowledge on green financing

September, 2021.- The creation of a Community of Practice made up of development banks from Latin America and the Caribbean is the first initiative announced as a result of the agreement that will facilitate access to different data banks through the Green Financing Platform.  Read More

ALIDE participated in the first peer workshop organized by the SDBs Alliance of Latin America and the Caribbean

September, 2021.- The event organized by the Alliance of Subnational Development Banks of Latin America and the Caribbean, was an initiative of Finance In Common and had the support of the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF).   Read More

ALIDE and KfW organize a webinar on EU Taxonomy and its importance in Latin America and the Caribbean

September, 2021.- During the event, the sustainable finance classification system and its importance in Latin America and the Caribbean for green bond issuers such as development banks, and regulatory and supervisory bodies that seek to develop local regulations on sustainable finance were examined. Read More

ALIDE developed a webinar on Evaluation and Monitoring of the Impact of Development Banking

September, 2021.- The training was developed in three sessions that allowed the sharing of experiences on institutionalized methodologies for the evaluation of development banking. Read More

ALIDE organized Sustainable Finance webinar for post-COVID recovery in Latin America

August, 2021.- During the event, were shared experiences in sustainable finance in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the potential for the development of social and sustainable green bonds, with an emphasis on the changes that occurred as a result of the outbreak of the pandemic caused by Covid 19. Read More

ALIDE ratifies Edgardo Alvarez Chávez as Secretary General for the period 2021-2026
June, 2021.-
Representatives of the Association’s member institutions at the 51st General Assembly unanimously approve the Peruvian executive’s renewed period of office. Read More

ALIDE General Assembly: Development Banks lead countercyclical financing and encourage sustainable recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean
, 2021.- Development bankers meeting virtually at ALIDE’s General Assembly underscore the countercyclical role played in support of the region’s economies. Read More

Development banks of Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and Argentina are ALIDE 2021 Prizewinners
May, 2021.-
The winning projects are noteworthy for their social projection, results and contribution in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

ALIDE General Assembly approves election of a new Executive Committee
May, 2021.-
The Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (Alide) elected its new Executive Committee. Within the framework of the 51st ALIDE General Assembly and in accordance with the Association’s institutional body of law, the members approved a new Council to govern its activities for the period 2021-2023. Read More

ALIDE to implement GCF “readiness” project to boost climate finance in six Latin American countries
May, 2021.-
The agreement signed between the Association and Unops —institution manager of the funds on behalf of the GCF— officially marked the project’s launching. Read More

ALIDE participates in development bank thematic coalitions formed in the aftermath of the FIC summit
May, 2021.-
The development banks, in a continuation of the work started at the Finance in Common Summit (FIC), the first world summit of public development banks, held on November 9 to 12, 2020.. Read More

Finance institution directors discuss human talent management solutions in confronting the COVID-19 crisis
April, 2021.-
More than 50 finance institution representatives from ten Latin American countries meet at the Congress organized by ALIDE. Read More

Development Banks join forces to address the effects of COVID-19 on Latin America’s production sectors and economies
April, 2021.-
Development finance institution representatives hold talks with international organizations in order to construct solutions to the problems created by the pandemic. Read More

ALIDE and ABDE renew cooperation agreement in support of the Development Banking system in Brazil and in Latin America
March, 2021.-
The agreement provides for joint efforts to strengthen Development Banks in respect to the needs created by the COVID-19 crisis and to undertake the region’s economic recovery. Read More

ALIDE General Assembly: Development Banks lead countercyclical financing and encourage sustainable recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean
March, 2021.-
Development bankers meeting virtually at ALIDE’s General Assembly underscore the countercyclical role played in support of the region’s economies. Read More

New BPF Portugal belongs to the ALIDE community
February, 2021.-
Banco Portugués de Fomento (BPF), a bank created to “finance the future” of Portugal, on assuming the membership in ALIDE of SPGM – Sociedade de Investimento. Read More

ALIDE and AIS collaborate in digitalizing Development Banks
February, 2021.-
Alliance between institutions offers a series of specialized courses and webinars on the latest trends in banking digital transformation. Read More

Anniversary: Celebration of 53 years of institutional existence
January, 2021.-
On January 24, we celebrated another year of institutional life and reaffirmed our commitment to work for Latin American and Caribbean development. Read More

Public Banks and Covid-19: Combatting de Pandemic with Public Finance
January, 2021.-
ALIDE collaborated with a chapter on the Latin American experience in a global study on development banking and COVID19. Read More

ALIDE 2021 Prizes: New call for good practices entries
January, 2021.- The contest is subdivided into five categories, one of which recognizes contributions to sustainable development. Read More

New Book: Ecosystems of innovation and environmental financing
January, 2021.-
ALIDE’s new book describes 7 good practices that have a positive impact on Latin American and Indian development. Read More