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General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General, who administers the Association and is its legal representative. It carries out ALIDE’s Working Program with the cooperation of the members and other organizations and enjoys the support of the Economic Studies and Information, Institutional Relations, Training, Technical Assistance, Administrative and Financial Control Programs.

Senior Executives of the General Secretary

Jorge Montesinos

Head, Training and Cooperation Program

Ext: 225

Romy Calderon

Head, Economic Studies and Information Program

Ext: 228

Eduardo Vasquez

Head, Institutional Relations Program

Ext: 222

Roberto Andrade

Head, Administration and Financial Control Program

Ext: 297

Marlene Zamora

Head, Conferences Unit

Ext: 216

Javier Rodriguez

Head, Technical Assistance Program

Ext: 217

Kevin Fiestas

Head, Latin American Documentation Center

Ext: 218

Andrea Villafranca

Coordinator, Press and Communications Unit

Ext: 226

Rafael Peredo

Head, Systems Unit

Ext: 206

Sandro Suito

Coordinator, E-Learning ALIDE

Ext: 223