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Training: ALIDE offers courses and seminars to improve the knowledge of development institution executives and experts and promotes the exchange of their experiences.

Technical Assistance: The Association organizes specialized advisory programs for the preparation of diagnoses and the monitoring of the institutions’ operating processes by holding workshops and seminars and offering in-service training opportunities.

Technical Meetings: ALIDE convenes seminars, meetings, and roundtables to collect proposals on and new approaches to the operating policies and to the administration and management of development financing institutions.

Studies and Research: The Association prepares systematic analyses using a pragmatic approach to the various aspects of development financing problems which, as important reference material, contribute to the adoption of operational policies and practices.

Consulting services: The Association also provides quality consulting services to public and private development financing and entrepreneurial development institutions through a broad Network of Experts.

Information and Documentation: ALIDE makes bibliographic material and technical documentation available through the Latin American Documentation Center (CEDOM). It is assisted in this effort by the Information Network (RIALIDE).