What is ALIDE?

The General Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General, who administers the Association and is its legal representative. It carries out ALIDE’s Working Program with the cooperation of the members and other organizations and enjoys the support of the Economic Studies and Information, Institutional Relations, Training, Technical Assistance, Administrative and Financial Control Programs.

Edgardo Alvarez, Secretary General

Edgardo Alvarez Chávez

Executive with extensive experience in management and business management, having converted companies with negative results into profitable and self-sustainable entities over time, has more than 25 years of experience in Commercial Banking, Development Banking and Investment Banking.

Master of ESAN, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the National University of Engineering, graduated from the Senior Management programs and the Program for Presidents and General Managers of the University of Piura. He has followed specialized courses in business management and management, in different countries. He has done internships at NAFINSA in Mexico and at the National Development Bank of Brazil, having been an international speaker in different forums such as the OECD and ALIDE.

He has served as general manager and line manager of important local financial entities and director of companies, having had an active participation in the Peruvian privatization process, chairing Privatization Committees and in the sale of companies. He is currently engaged in financial consulting and the management of a private investment fund.