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ALIDE News 2019

ALIDE gathers development banks at COP25 and renews efforts to intensify climate cooperation
December 15, 2019.-
The event offered a venue for the discussion and exchange of ideas on the lessons learned by development banks with regard to the financing of projects with an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and measures for implementing a green economy and identifying related gaps, risks and opportunities. Read More

Training Program conducts seminars in Peru, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic
December 10, 2019.-
The seminars enjoyed the participation of numerous representatives of Latin American finance institutions, who shared their knowledge of, and experiences in, bank management. Read More

Banco Popular Mission visits Peru, Chile and Colombia
November 20, 2019.-
The purpose of the mission of high-level executives was to learn about the working experience of Latin American institutions in financing production sectors. Read More

Successful closure of first year Green Banking Program, that continues until 2021
November 19, 2019.-
Thanks to ALIDE’s ongoing collaboration, this year the program was able to accept hundreds of scholarship students. Read More

ALIDE shared experiences from Latin American Banks in World Congress
November 16, 2019.-
As announced, the next congress will be held in Mexico hosted by Fideicomisos Instituidos en Relación con la Agricultura (FIRA). Read More

ALIDE and S&P Global Market Intelligence form alliance
November 14, 2019.-
As part of this endeavor, a webinar was held on November 12, entitled “Evaluation of infrastructure credit risk using ESG criteria”. Read More

Development Banks coordinate efforts to give a strong boost to sustainable projects
October 17 2019.-
With the participation of over 50 high-level representatives of banks, experts and public policy-makers of Latin America and the Caribbean, initiatives were forthcoming for financing and for taking advantage of synergistic relationships. Read More

Environmental, social and governance-related criteria in development banks
October 3, 2019.-
The meeting offered a venue in which ALIDE’s various financial institution members in Argentina were able to share their experiences with regard to international initiatives. Read More

The Latin American financial sector examined practices and trends regarding entrepreneurship and financial innovationSuccessful closure of first year Green Banking Program, that continues until 2021
September 28, 2019.-
The technological disruption that various sectors of the economy are undergoing and the boom of the FinTech industry have an impact on the transformation of the processes and practices of the financial institutions and development banks. This scenario fosters, among other changes, the creation and use of new technologies, financial instruments and specialized programs, in order to guarantee the financing of endeavors and financial inclusion. Read More

ALIDE and the BID launch a new platform specialized in PPP and Development Banking
September 10, 2019.-
The Regional Group for the Development of PPPs is an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE), driven as a result of the deliberations and the mandate granted to both institutions within the framework of the 46th General Assembly of ALIDE. Read More

ALIDE participated in a meeting on banking and sustainable development in the Caribbean region
July 31, 2019.-
As part of the representation of international organizations, the secretary general of ALIDE, Edgardo Alvarez, was invited to participate in the conference “Development Banking in the Caribbean: a regional approach for sustainable development”, organized by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Development Bank of Santa Lucia.ting on banking and sustainable development in the Caribbean region. Read More

ALIDE and AFD from France renewed their cooperation in support of the participation of Development Banking in financing and in climate change issues
August 01, 2019.-
The Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) and the French Development Agency (FDA) signed an agreement for the conduct of activities oriented toward increasing the awareness and participation of development banks in the region in projects and initiatives on climate change and in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Read More

Latin American Development Banking strengthens its capabilities in sustainable financing through the RENAC program driven by ALIDE and the German Government
July 03, 2019.-
As a financial instrument of the governments, Development Banking exercises an important function in sustainable development and the mitigation of climate change, through the financing and co-financing of green projects, the development of financial instruments and, in general, fostering a greater participation of actors, such as the private sector, in this area of the economy. Read More

ALIDE conducts banking seminars in Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru
September 20, 2019.-
Representatives from financial institutions, supervising organizations and development banks from Latin America and the Caribbean participated in the seminars organized by ALIDE’s Training and Cooperation Program. Read More

50th General Assembly of ALIDE in Curaçao
June 02, 2019.-
Shurmel Elias, CEO of the Corporation for the Development of Curaçao (Korpodeko), presented the proposal that the headquarters be in the Caribbean country. Read More

ALIDE holds international seminars in Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay and Peru
June 15, 2019.-
 The topics that were addressed were information security, digital transformation, performance of branch headquarters and agencies, and credit risk loss models. Read More

ALIDE Executive Committee is received by Spanish King Felipe VI
May 21, 2019.-
 During their audience with the King, which took place in the Zarzuela Palace, the three topics addressed by the General Assembly were discussed. Read More

FIRA, Bank of the Year 2019
May 21, 2019.- 
FIRA was established in 1954 with the mission to promote the integral financing of agricultural, forestry, fishery, food and rural producers by means of specialized financial products with technical monitoring and risk mitigation.  Read More

Technological platforms and sustainable development finance projects were recognized
May 21, 2019.-
Within the framework of the 49th General Assembly, ALIDE announced the winners of the ALIDE 2019 Awards in each of the contest categories. Read More

ALIDE’s 49th General Assembly brings together European, Latin American and Caribbean Development Banks in Madrid
May 20, 2019.-
This year’s General Assembly entitled “European – Latin American and Caribbean Experiences and Financial Cooperation” focused on the analysis of strategies, mechanisms and alternatives for strengthening financial and technical cooperation between the countries. Read More

National coordinators hold meeting as part of the agenda of the 49th General Assembly
May 19, 2019.-
The meeting was chaired by Rosario Casero, Director General of Business of Spain’s Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO). Read More

Argentinian Juan Ernesto Curutchet assumes the presidency of ALIDE
May 13, 2019. 
«I express the satisfaction and joy it represents for my country, Argentina, and for the Banco Provincia, institution that I represent, the confidence that I am given to preside over this great institution,» the president said. Read More

ALIDE-FAO cooperation provides grants in rural finance program
April 12, 2019.-
 They also deepened their knowledge and acquired a global outlook on how to respond to the financial needs of rural SMEs and families. Read More

Blended Finance: Cofides presents its experience to Latin American and Caribbean development bankers
April 08, 2019.-The purpose of the seminar is to present Cofides’ experience in organizing blended finance operations –a financial instrument with a combined public and private capital contribution– for eligible projects. Read More

New technical document analyzes the state of the green bond market
February 27, 2019.-
  The document is intended to disclose the role banks are playing in promoting this financial instrument. Read More

ALIDE senior executives speak about the impact of the development banking system in several areas of financing
March 25, 2019.-Edgardo Alvarez, the association’s Secretary General, was a speaker at the Ninth Latin America China Investors Forum, organized by LatinFinance in the city of Beijing. Read More

ALIDE and Renac cooperate in boosting sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean
March 01, 2019.- 
The two institutions seek through the “Green Banking Program” to upgrade financial sector capacities in the area of sustainable development. The program was recently introduced in six of the region’s countries. Read More

Latin America and the Caribbean aim to strengthen trade and business relations and cooperation with Europe
February 12, 2019.-ALIDE’s Forty-ninth General Assembly is scheduled to take place in Madrid, Spain to support the biregional sustainable development agenda. Read More

Technological disruption applied to transparency in the public and financial sectors is discussed
January 25, 2019.-During the seminar, experts from international development banks and the United Nations Study Group on ITC discussed the application of Blockchain and DLT in the public and financial sectors. Read More

ALIDE, the Latin American development banking community, celebrates its 51st anniversary
January 25, 2019.- The association has focused its efforts in recent years on four strategic areas: technological disruption and digital transformation; sustainable development; social and environmental infrastructure; and financial inclusion. Read More

Call for contest entries for the ALIDE 2019 Prizes is extended to 18 april
January 12, 2019.-Entries will be judged by an independent jury with wide experience in the subject matter and prizes will be awarded on May 21, 2019 during the Forty-ninth ALIDE General Assembly, to be held in Madrid, Spain. Read More