ALIDE senior executives speak about the impact of the development banking system in several areas of financing

March 20, 2019.-  How will biregional trade between Latin America and China play out? What promotional role will development banks perform in this context? How is banking contributing toward reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? These were some of the questions addressed by ALIDE senior executives during their recent presentations in international fora.

Edgardo Alvarez, the association’s Secretary General, was a speaker at the Ninth Latin America China Investors Forum, organized by LatinFinance in the city of Beijing, for the purpose of analyzing how trade dynamics between the two regions are faring and will in the future after having reached a decade of uninterrupted growth. The ALIDE Secretary General participated in the forum together with policy-makers and corporate leaders of Latin America, the Caribbean and China.

Romy Calderón, Head of ALIDE’s Studies and Information Program, for his part, participated in the V Regional Dialogue on Climate Finance organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Euro-Climate and the European Union in Escazú, Costa Rica.

The program head specifically made a presentation at the workshop convened as part of the meeting, “The Role of the Development Bank in the Implementation of the Paris Agreement: Financing Options for Low Emissions Urban Mobility,” aimed at making the most of the role played by development banks in promoting low carbon urban mobility.

The two presentations are concerned with reflecting and disclosing development bank efforts and trends, one of ALIDE’s principal areas of action.