ALIDE conducts banking seminars in Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru

September 20, 2019.- Representatives from financial institutions, supervising organizations and development banks from Latin America and the Caribbean participated in the seminars organized by ALIDE’s Training and Cooperation Program, whose themes were the Kirkpatrick model applied to human resources, the digital transformation and the Canvas model applied to corporate governance.

In Guatemala and El Salvador, the seminars were carried out in the in-house modality, the first of which with support from Banco de Guatemala (Banguat) and the second one with the Federación de Cajas de Crédito y de Bancos de los Trabajadores (Fedecrédito); while in Lima, Peru, the seminar was held at ALIDE’s institutional headquarters.

ALIDE is the community of financial institutions that generates solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its main objective is to contribute to the economic and social development of the region, through good practices in the financing of development, the promotion of its members, through cohesion activities and strengthening the participation of financial institutions in the process regional economic.

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