Portugal hosts the XXIII Ibero-American Forum of Guarantees

September 22, 2018.- From October 25 to 26, executives from development banking, managers, public servants, entrepreneurs and experts from Ibero-America participate in the “XXIII Ibero-American Forum of Guarantee Systems and Financing for MSMEs”, organized by Sociedade de Investimento (SPGM) and the Asociación Red Iberoamericana de Garantías (Regar) in Porto, Portugal.

The main theme of the forum is “New frontiers for Ibero-American economies” and it is a venue for the transmission of experiences, definition of strategies and search for solutions to help MSMEs to be more competitive and prepare for the challenges of the future, through the guarantee systems.

The event has consolidated as the most important one regarding the guarantee systems in Ibero-America. It was created in 1999 by institutions linked to the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE), and ever since it is organized year after year, uninterruptedly, under the management of Regar and with the support of the local counterparts.

As is well known, the MSMEs have an enormous potential for creating quality jobs, fostering endeavors and generating more equitable social conditions, but the lack of access to credit limits their potential. That is why the guarantee systems of development banking and other financial institutions are crucial tools for strengthening them and generating development.