Representatives of ALIDE Member Institutions visit Germany to learn more about its smart cities

  • During the first day of activities, the ALIDE members were familiarized with the projects to improve urban planning and autonomous digital mobility in Hamburg

September 5, 2023- KfW Development Bank and the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) launched the official activities of the Roadshow on Smart Cities, an event enabling the representatives of ALIDE Member Institutions to familiarize themselves with the projects in the spheres of mobility, energy, water and housing and KfW’s management and finance in support of the program Intelligent Cities in Germany.

The activities extended from September 2 to 8 in different German cities like Cologne, Darmstadt and Frankfurt. The first day was held in Hamburg, where the participants arrived after visiting the Digitally Connected Urban Twins and Intelligent Mobility projects.

The first project was examined by a team from the City Science Lab, the investigation unit of Hafen City University Hamburg, while the second was analyzed by professionals of the Hamburg New Mobility Solutions City Science Lab, a German organization that works in collaboration with the United States MIT Media Lab, which presented examples of urban digital transformation, the use of data, urban data platforms and practical applications, their relationship with the government of Hamburg and other units like UN Habitat, KfW.

Hamburg New Mobility Solutions, for its part, commented on its strategy and the digital mobility projects in Hamburg relating to infrastructure, active modes and public transport optimization.

It should be explained that the actions taken and future projects are in line with the goal of making Hamburg a climatically neutral city by the year 2050.  It was also stressed that mobility transition is of key importance for reaching this goal.

The Roadshow involves the participation of 17 people, including members of development banks of Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Uruguay and of international organizations like the IDB, Fonplata-Development Bank, and the organizers, ALIDE and KfW.


ALIDE is the community of financial institutions that produce banking solutions for Latin American and Caribbean development. Founded in 1968, its main purpose is to contribute to the region’s economic and social development by promoting the use of good development finance practices among its members. It is comprised of more than 80 member institutions operating in over 20 countries of Latin America and other regions of the world.



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