Readiness Program comes to an end with an in-person workshop on climate financing mechanisms

  • The Project sought to raise the number of accredited institutions and of climate policy projects put forward.

May 27, 2023- The in-person Workshop: “Climate Financing Mechanisms: green business lines, gender-oriented policies and environmental and social safeguards,” held on March 30 and 31 at the headquarters of the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) in Lima, Peru brought the GCF-ALIDE Readiness project to a close.

Eighteen representatives of the National Designated Authorities (NDAs) of Argentina, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Guatemala and Paraguay participated in the event.

During the dialogue, results of the activities carried out with each NDA Project participant were shared.  An explanation was also given of the purpose of the GCF-ALIDE Readiness Project, which seeks to increase climate financing through the financial institutions of the participating countries.

It was reiterated, as well, that the goal of this initiative was to increase the number of accredited institutions to the Green Climate Fund and to improve the climate policy projects put forward by Latin America and the Caribbean.

Also present at the workshop were ALIDE Secretary General, Edgardo Álvarez; the Secretary General of FELABAN, Giorgio Trettenero; the Readiness Project Manager,  Ronny Suarez, and the Sustainability Director of ASOBANCARIA, Mauricio Velez.



ALIDE is the community of financial institutions that produce banking solutions for Latin American and Caribbean development. Founded in 1968, its main purpose is to contribute to the region’s economic and social development by promoting the use of good development finance practices among its members. It is comprised of more than 80 member institutions operating in over 20 countries of Latin America and other regions of the world.



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