Institutions from Argentina, El Salvador and Mexico joined ALIDE

In May, three institutions from Argentina, El Salvador and Mexico joined as new ALIDE members: Banco de La Pampa of Argentina and Agricultural Development Bank (BFA, for its Spanish acronym) of El Salvador as active members, and Financiera Emprendedores of Mexico as a collaborating member.

The Argentinian bank has a revitalizing role in the economy, through the financing of productive activities and projects such as SMEs, financial inclusion and agriculture, which generate value for society as a whole. For its part, BFA seeks to facilitate access to financial services that promote the development of the strategic productive sectors of the country, within a framework of self-sustainability.

While the Mexican entity’s mission is to provide support with competitive financing to companies and projects that provide added value in the local and regional economic development of the agroindustrial, automotive, tourism, foreign trade and housing sectors.