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Chile: ALIDE participated in the International Seminar on Development Financing

Investment in Innovation

During his presentation, Gustavo Crespi referred to the financing of innovation and pointed out the importance of investing in intangible assets (research and development, training, software, branding) in order to increase productivity and promote sustainable development in the countries of Latin America.

In addition, he shared the article “Heterogeneous effects of financial constraints on innovation: Evidence from Chile” (2015) where, together with Roberto Alvarez, he concluded that there is a serious financing problem in Chile due to the financial restrictions applied mainly to intangible investments focused on innovation.

For her part, Anabel Marin referred to the capabilities and activities that ought to be financed and how innovation is financed. She added that it is very important to negotiate and legitimize the financing of innovation, because society has another perspective and a demand for needs that is different from those proposed in the seminar.


ALIDE is the community of financial institutions that generates banking solutions for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1968, its main objective is to contribute to the economic and social development of the region, through the good practices in development financing that it promotes among its associates, about 90 institutions with a presence in more than 20 Latin American countries and other regions of the world.


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