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48 General Assembly

Banreservas, Bank of the Year 2018

ALIDE gave the “Bank of the Year 2018” award to the Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic (Banreservas), within the framework of the activities of the 48th General Assembly.

Banreservas has assets of the order of USD 9 360 million and operates by granting credits and guarantees directly. The business model of the bank contemplates attending to the productive sector of the nation, implementing programs that contribute to improve the living conditions of Dominicans.

They also highlight their support for strategic sectors of the national economy such as tourism, SMEs and innovation, central aspects of the business actions of the bank; and their social impact initiatives aligned with the development plans of the Dominican Republic.

Outstanding results

  • Banreservas reaffirmed its leadership in the banking system. As of December 2017, it is the largest bank in the country in volume of assets, placements and deposits, as well as being the banking institution with the highest level of profits.
  • The composition of the deposits, the main source of funding, reached the second least expensive profile of the system. Total deposits 2012-2017 increased by 49%, reaching USD 7 487 million at the end of 2017.
  • The bank’s support for financing sectors such as tourism, financial inclusion of SMEs and the positive impact of its social responsibility programs. Of every three dollars disbursed by the bank to the tourism sector in the country, one dollar came from the institution; financing to SMEs increased by more than 10 thousand new clients.
  • It supported domestic agricultural production through the Prospera program, financing more than USD 6 million to domestic producers and around USD 12 million in conjunction with the Dominican Business Agro Board.
  • Through the Coopera program, it has more than 3 764 members. It supports 24 cooperatives with training that allows the inclusion and banking of more than 300 of its members.
  • Through the Preserva program, it promotes entrepreneurship, banking and financial education. Since its inception in 2014, it trained more than 113 thousand people. It has a free web platform, Milkcash, for financial education, which in its two years of operation registered more than 18 thousand young people enrolled.
  • It achieved a significant growth of its main financial indicators, which have allowed it to obtain profits in the last year before Taxes amounting to USD 137 million. The average ROE was 23.3%.
  • The global rating of Banreservas by Fitch Rating International went from B+ to BB and Moody’s improved the rating of long-term deposits in domestic currency from B1 to Ba3. Felle Rate affirmed its credit rating in AA+ with stable outlook.
  • It remains first in terms of assets with 32% of the total assets of the system, which increased in the 2012-2017 period by 58%, reaching USD 9 360 million in 2017.
  • The expansion of the 2012-2017 loan portfolio occurred in a quality and health environment. The delinquency rate was 2.0%, while coverage for possible credit default risks amounted to 142.6%.
  • As part of its technological modernization process, it implemented the new Banking Core with state-of-the-art software called Signature. It responds to the demand of modern banking and seeks to centralize all the bank’s operations.


  • Acknowledged by the British magazine The Banker as the “Bank of the Year of the Dominican Republic in 2017” for its progress in significant parameters such as market penetration, development of alternative channels, focus on efficiency and increase in revenues and decrease in costs. LatinFinance awarded it as “Bank of the Year of the Dominican Republic” and “Bank of the Year of the Caribbean” for its financial performance, business and administrative management. World Finance awarded it as “The Best Bank of the Dominican Republic”, weighting support for SMEs and other productive areas.
  • It also received acknowledgement from Euromoney magazine and the 2017 Argentarium award, highlighting the implementation of one of the most ambitious education and financial inclusion programs.
  • At the beginning of 2018, the US magazine Global Finance awarded Banreservas as “The Best Bank of the Dominican Republic 2018” for its good performance and social contribution to the country.