In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that is sorely affecting our nations and economies and, consequently, the need for the normal operation of our development financing institutions, ALIDE sincerely hopes that all of its member institutions and their staffs and families are well and healthy and wishes them a rapid resolution of the emergency.

The ALIDE General Secretariat –in compliance with the 15-day compulsory social isolation starting on March 16th, decreed by the government of Peru, where the Association has its headquarters,– continues to work from home to ensure the continuity of its services to its members and its operation as the forum for the major issues concerning the development banking system, as it has done during past crises.

Two reports have already been circulated containing information about banking activities that support the economies of their countries, given the impact of the pandemic.  We will continue to share information and practices useful to the banking system at this point in time of global emergency, among other things.  ALIDE also wishes to express its solidarity with our countries that are experiencing losses in human lives due to the pandemic.

It calls upon its institutions to continue, as a mechanism for cooperation and action among the members, to work and collaborate together in a network by sharing resources, information and good practices of use to the Latin American and Caribbean banking system during this health crisis.   We remain at your service.  Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance at our e-mail address

ALIDE General Secretariat

March, 2020

ALIDE is the community of financial institutions that generates solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its main objective is to contribute to the economic and social development of the region, through good practices in the financing of development, the promotion of its members, through cohesion activities and strengthening the participation of financial institutions in the process regional economic.