A new technical document published by ALIDE analyzes investment opportunities for banking in PPPs and infrastructure

August 20, 2019.- Development banks are considering themselves more and more as a tool for financing infrastructure in emerging economies, overcoming traditional models that limit their actions. A valuable tool for performing this function are the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

What financing opportunities are offered by this mechanism to development banks? How to implement adequately this mechanism in a bank’s model? What specific initiatives are the banks of the region developing in this area of action?

Recently, ALIDE has published a new technical document intended to address these questions. The document, titled “The role of Development Banking in the financing of public-private associations”, explores how the sector may contribute to boost the PPPs, through financial and non-financial instruments which, directly or indirectly, help to fund, finance, or reduce the risks associated with the construction and operation of, the PPPs.

The PPP mechanism is a novel framework for the development of projects to close the infrastructure gap, because it is a flexible legal structure, it is a modern financing scheme, and it entails a transparent selection process and improvements in the protection of private contractors.

You may access the document on the following link: https://bit.ly/2nXPgYu

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