48th General Assembly: committed to technological innovation, urban resilience and financial inclusion in the region

More than 300 representatives of financial institutions, international organizations and entities linked to the work of the Development Banking, from America, Europe and Asia, met at the 48th ALIDE General Assembly and highlighted the sector’s commitment to the main challenges of productivity, economic growth and social and environmental well-being of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Among the priorities that Development Banking must attend to, those underscored were the need to integrate technology into their processes and the promotion of innovation; to contribute to the resilience of cities as a precautionary measure in the face of extreme weather events; and to provide inclusive financing to people, projects and territories, mainly to those not attended to with any type of financial service.

The discussions of the assembly took place in an international context of greater demands for financing, lower capital flows in the markets and fiscal restrictions in the countries. In this scenario, the need for a paradigm change was raised through the exploration of different funding alternatives.

Regarding this measure, the institutions committed themselves to continuing developing innovative instruments to meet the demands of the productive and social sectors; internalizing a culture of innovation in the sector; remaining in the adaptation process in order to be agents of change; and generating a coordinated work with the governments and the private sector.

Interinstitutional cooperation

ALIDE joined the “Climate Action in Finance institutions Initiative”, with the purpose of integrating climate considerations into financial sector operations. Moreover, it entered into with International Development Finance Club (IDFC) a declaration of collaboration in support of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. The documents were signed by Jacques Rogozinski, president of ALIDE, and Remy Rioux, president of IDFC.