ALIDE Presidency

CEO of Nacional Financiera, Jacques Rogozinski, assumes the presidency of ALIDE

September 2017.- The CEO of Nacional Financiera, Jacques Rogozinski, assumes the presidency of ALIDE, until the next election of the Board of Directors to be held during the 48th Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly scheduled to be held in May 2018 in Lima, Peru, by which time the association will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The recent appointment is due to the departure of Luis Fernando Arboleda from the presidency of Financiera del Desarrollo (Findeter) of Colombia. In these circumstances, according to the statutes of the association, it is the first vice president who must assume the presidency of ALIDE, a position currently held by Jacques Rogozinski from which he has been working very actively on the strengthening of the association and the financing of Latin American development.

President Rogozinski holds a PhD in economics from the University of Colorado and has developed an extensive career focused on Latin American growth. He served as CEO of the National Works and Public Services Bank (Banobras) and the National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur). He is the author of several books and his analyses have been published in the national and international media. Among other distinctions, he was designated the Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2012, he received the Global Award from the Priyadarshni Academy for his contribution to economic development.

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