Challenges for Development Banking
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Main topic:
Challenges for Development Banking

In spite of the economic growth inequity in the region continue rising or reducing very slowly.

Growth sustainability requires to progressively closing this gap. This is why to reinforce the inclusion of important segments of the population into the economic process by incorporating them into productive employment, access to basic services; etc.,is a renewed priority of the government and their political instruments.

Topic 1
Fostering inclusion and equity from the Government and its development financial instruments

Governments have been acting in a more decisive manner to improve equity and in many cases an institutionality with important weight on political decisions. Development banks - important stakeholders in the inclusion process with leading acknowledged programs during the last years - require to continue innovating to face several challenges proposed by the inclusion, such as the scale in the impact of the programs, the induction of productive employment, formalization, entrepreneurship, technology, education and basic infrastructure.
Topic 2
How to support investment on a scenario of uncertainty? Lessons learned

The region may face a new scenario of uncertainty derived from the current European crisis. The growth slowing down will be visible specifically in the most precarious sectors that are supposed to be included.This is why it is important to analyze the lessons learned to strengthen the mechanisms the support investment that are the result of the counter cycle policies in which the development banks played a paramount role in the recent past years.
Topic 3
Technology and innovation in the development banking to facilitate the access to financial services

Financial inclusion is a key element of the social inclusion process. Development banks have as one of their key objectives to foster and facilitate the inclusion and financial decentralization that proposes a permanent challenge of innovation of products, services and credit technologies as well as support to operations.
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