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Towards the Increased Competitiveness and Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean: the Contribution of Development Banking

The quick economic recovery shown by most of the countries in the region after the financial crisis needs to be transformed in a recovery of the sustainable growth in route to economic development. Creating the conditions for a productive development based not only in the export of raw materials and commodities is a challenge with a renewed urgency in the current situation. On the major challenges is to improve competitiveness/economic productivity bases on the innovation of processes, the incorporation of technology, the development of the adequate physical and productive infrastructure, education and human resources quality, and the promotion of SMEs entrepreneurial and competitive development.
Improvement of the Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs and the Small and Medium (SME) Enterprises for Internationalization

Even though the participation of SMEs in the regional non traditional exports is growing steadily, it is still far from achieving a level that represents a diversified export economy. Improving the exposure of this segment in highly specialized global markets needs to devote greater efforts in financing to promote competitive capacities in the companies, in diversifying sectors and destination markets and increasing the export base.
Innovation and Technological Development: A long way to Go
According to the goal of achieving international specialization and competitiveness, innovation and technological development should be the central topics of the economic and entrepreneurial agenda of our countries. It is necessary to further implement programs and instruments towards their promotion and financing.

The role of development banks is to support innovation policies acting together with the companies investing in optimizing processes and technology, technologically-based start-ups, and in the development of technological platforms focused on industry.

Infrastructure, a Critical Dimension for Latin American Competitiveness
In line with the need to increase the level of investment and infrastructure development needed for the advance of economic productivity, it is important to examine the catalytic role of development banking to promote financial engineering solutions to mobilize public and private investment in financing and providing access to banking services of physical and productive infrastructure projects, both in the national and sub-national levels.
Basel III, Considerations for Development Banking

In the field of financial institutions bank management, the advances in the adoption of new international banking regulation standards and the suitability of risk management in development banking regarding Basel III, as well as governance and transparency of those institutions.
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