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Paraguay, formerly called “The Giant Province of the Indies", was born as a result of the encounter of the Spanish conquerors with the native Guaraní indigenous groups. The meeting of these two distinct cultures was a process that assumed very particular characteristics here, that differs from all its neighbors in South America. The living manifestation of this "crossing" of civilizations is expressed most notably in the use of two languages, Spanish and Guaraní, concurrently throughout the country and legally enshrined by the Constitution.

A substantial chapter in the history of the country was the presence of the missionaries of the “Company of Jesus” (Jesuits) (1609 - 1768), and constituted one of the great utopian period experiences in the region establishing what was known as the Reductions of Guaraní Tribes. Important testimonies in the country left from that time are: the Ruins of Santísima Trinidad and Jesus (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO), San Ignacio Guazú, San Cosme and San Damián, Santiago, Santa Maria and Santa Rosa. Arts and music flourished during this period and left an artistic legacy of supreme beauty also known as the “Guaraní Baroque”.

The city of Asuncion in Paraguay offers a number of attractive sights. The weather is mostly comfortable with an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit that make the tourism in Paraguay a bliss.

Formal wear is required for the plenary, opening and closing sessions.
Asunción, Paraguay
Location, Climate and Others
Paraguay is located in the heart of South America is a landlocked country of about 6 million...
Hotel Sheraton Asuncion
We are located in a privileged residential neighborhood surrounded by gardens and trees and near the growing business and financial district....
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