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 :    Sheraton Hotel – "Río Paraná" Room
 :    Friday, May 20, 2011
 :    11:20 to 12:50 hours
Within the framework of the urgent challenges posed to our countries and institutions by the fight against climatic change and the environmental sustainability in the region, banks and development financial institutions (DFI) are called to play an important role in generating environmental or "green" financial products, and to promote an environmental financial culture, coordinating with their governments to develop strategies, schemes and instruments.

In line with this, it is necessary to streamline DFIs financial and operative capacities, necessary to expand their role to finance the mitigation of climatic change, as well as in supporting the process of environmental sustainability through the environmental and social risk management of their operations and the development of green financial engineering.

In the Technical Committee meeting, the approaches to advance towards such objective will be discussed by sharing points of view and experiences among participating institutions that advance efforts in the field of environmental sustainability. Specially, the priorities of ALIDE action to support DFIs environmental management and their role in climatic financing are to be defined.


  1. Installation

  2. Towards the environmental sustainability of financial institutions
    (Sustainable banking, adoption of environmental and social management standards, "green" financial programs and products, capacity building, internal eco efficiency)

  3. ALIDE Working Program on Environmental Financing

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